The Kingdom is the Lord Jesus Christ! 2 Peter 1:11

Current Objective 

This is events that lead to my situation and my motive to do a newspaper. 

History and Objective

     In 2013, I was woken up to being notified, charged and arrested by the City police that my son (4 years) was found wondering the streets unattended. The news crew had attended the moment of my arrest. I had been drinking the night prior.

    I was living a life of the 'world', oblivious to the fact that I had a 4 years old son, and had become irresponsible and was sick with addictions to drugs blinded to truth, and needed God.

    The arrest was not enough to change me though the event was shocking to me and the threat of losing my son. I has employment but was choosing to use drugs instead and would call-in, which lead to another threat of loosing my stance of income/security. Being on probation, I still continued an unhealthy life of drugs and was soon realizing I needed real intervention.

    In 2014, My life was out of control and I called unto God thru Jesus Christ that by faith that he could hear me and God stepped in big time. I got baptized with fire and his holy spirit and was awakened to  whole other world and form of thinking.

    In 2015, I received another charge which revoked my probation. And was than sent to jail. Since I had no money I was unable to bail out and soon CPS had to place my son with my relatives. 

    In 2016, after being in jail about 9 months the 2nd charge was dropped but was still convicted a Texas State Felony (class C) for 'Child Abandonment with the intent to Return', for the original arrest in 2013. After my release from jail, my CPS case was still open and went to court to ask the judge to allow my son to be granted into my care. However, the judge did NOT grant my request and I lost custody of my son.  My son was placed with my sister in Austin, Texas.

    After the realization of where my life was at I had made another bad decision and relapsed still in 2016. But I know God had forgiven ALL my sins of the past and I asked God again to please help me get my son back. I made the decision that I did NOT want to live a life of  drugs anymore and I sincerely wanted to be happy like promises in the word.

    So in 2017 I rededicated myself to the Lord in hopes my life could be fixed and the reconciliation of my relationship with my son Bruno. Since 2017 I have been clean of drugs but I have not been able to be stable enough with employment or prospects of school due to spiritual occurrence beyond my understanding. 

    I try my best to live as righteous as possible in hopes that if I continue to do good by spiritual law I should receive a good return. Ultimately a life with my son Bruno as a healthy sound mother that he needed from me and had always deserved. 

    I am currently homeless and have been for a couple of years. In 2018, with income from the RKNewspaper, I was able to start a website as you are viewing and started also the filing for my work to be legally copyrighted.

    In March/April 2019 I decided to no longer sell the RKNewspaper due to the understanding of the Lord Jesus Christ teachings in Revelation 2:6. still try to up keep the RKNewspaper online and promote it whenever possible.

    As an attempt to create income I  sell roses or due to 'code enforcement'  I also sell another Newspaper called the  ‘Energetic Express Newspaper’ (positive thinking for positive energy) with a rose free. Currently I work in the streets or highways depending on what city I am in and I do use these opportunities to promote the RKNewspaper. You can read more about the 'Energetic Express Newspaper' by clicking here!

    Update: 11/24/2019 I have decided to the try to sell as much roses/ 'Energetic Express' Newspaper to save money to attend school since I am unable to work. I try many times to have regular employment but due to the spiritual occurrences I do not understand I do not last in those jobs and I am wasting time to get my son back...this is part of my testimony in the my 'FIGHT FOR BRUNO'. 

    Thank you for all who help support me and my son to persevere to reunite and be a healthy family once again.

    In the RKNewspaper I provide and share concepts with biblical principles that help me stay motivated, positive, and 'never give up mentally' truly believing that Jesus Christ is my ONLY way for my life to be restored and with my son Bruno.  So now my current objective is to become stable enough and ultimately get money for a lawyer to fight for my son back.

    I love my son Bruno Matthew V. and I am grateful for ALL those that support not only the reconciliation of my life with my son but support the reconciliation of ALL our lives with God by the WORD and Lord Jesus Christ (Romans 5:10)! And Glory to Lord Jesus Christ in ALL we do-Amen!

*You can see my utility cart in the background because I still show up to class with my basket and all! 😁

Next Chapter:

CDL training!


I have been so motivated in my pursue to get my son back, Bruno, even through the Pandemic of the COVID-19, I made it into the next chapter... CDL TRAINING!

I just wanted to update anyone fallowing my story about my Fight for Bruno! It has literally taken me an entire year to get to this point!

I am facing another challenge right now! Since I am physically homeless I have no residence address to provide to the DMV. So I have not been able to continue into the driving portion of my training.

(FYI: I do rent a PO BOX where I can still receive mail if anyone ever decides to write 😊)

I am able to still sell roses so I have been able to rent a hotel room. And with the permission of the hotel was allowed to use them as an temporary address for the DMV (since it is an option with the TEXAS DMV application). However, since non of my invoices from my bank or phone bills include the actual hotel address the DMV denied me to be able to get my TX driver license much less the CDL permit. I am being honest with the DMV about my situation and I don't want any lying in my pursuit to better myself in order to get Bruno back!

I have attended the program for about 2 weeks already and this is my 3 week into the school but I have been trying to get my DL for also my CDL permit to continue my training.

I am very bothered I trying my best to do it all in truth for the righteousness of GOD in order to restore the land between me and God through Lord Jesus Christ, in order to get Bruno back into that land/mind that is healthy and not crooked/sick. 

Like every child deserves to have a healthy home to live in My son, Bruno is no different! He too deserves to have a mother that is righteous and healthy. And I am trying to establish a environment for him that is straight and healthy so when he is in my custody I can raise him in a healthy environment with Jesus Christ as our foundation and having God among us!

FOOTNOTE: I must make this very clear...

(((since I have been taunted about the 'sonship' from gospel))) 

Bruno is my actual son NOT my sonship with GOD. I am really Bruno's mother I was literally cut 2x for that kid! Once when I was 6 months pregnant with Bruno in my tummy. A teratoma was removed to not jeopardize the pregnancy. I was cut almost 7 inches and than 4 months later I was cut again in the same wound in order to give birth to Bruno with a C-section. 

Thank you for all who pray and support my purse to get Bruno back. I hope my story can motive others not give-up to restore their families for a better society as a whole and even better having Lord Jesus Christ as the foundation! 

Lord Jesus Christ getting ALL the glory from my story!

 "And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony; and they loved not their lives unto the death."  

Revelation 12:11  

Chapter: Facing Death

"And fear not them which kill the body, but are not able to kill the soul: but rather fear him which is able to destroy both soul and body in hell."

Matthew 10:28

    In 2017 I admitted myself into the hospital several times. I have been under much 'godly wrath' always taunted for eating food which lead to physical attacks upon my body. Like massive swelling which was painful, hard to breath etc. Constantly bullied that I needed to fast. I know it sounds ridiculous but it is very true. Thank God for the word which states " But I tell you, do not swear an oath at all:..., Matthew 5:34. So I know its not required to fast in ones journey unto Christ/restoring the kingdom of God within the person.

    Spiritual Warfare is horrible and like any war death is a threat.  Fighting to move forward in life, especially to get Bruno back and yet hindered by another entity telling me I'm not good enough even with the threat of death became real to me in 2017 into the year of 2018. I was diagnosed with "Pumbulary embolism". A condition in which a blood vessel in the lung(s) gets blocked by a blood clot. In my case it was the left side lung blood vessel that had developed a blood cot. I was always developing swelling in my legs and feet (very painful taunted to stop eating and to keep fasting). 

    I would like to take the time and inform my Grandfather Pedro Guzman died in the 90's due to "pumbulary embolism". May he Rest in Peace in the Lord Jesus Christ!

    So while in the hospital since I was getting treatment for the Pumbulary embolism I would eat the hospital food, obvisiouly, and yet bullied ALOT in spirit that if I was a child of God I wouldn't be bound by the elements and that with Jesus I would get healed. 

    Mental/ Spiritual harassments was very great and tormenting and worst it really effected my human body so the reality of what the spirit realm was impacting my life even to the point of my actual body was serious. This no not just some mind game or thoughts to overcome. No this was serious I was literally facing death!

    I'd like to take this time to give credit due where credit is due (Romans 13:7). 

   It's not over! Pastor John Gray  

I saw this sermon in 2017 by John Gray from Gateway Church in 2014 called, "It's not over!". This was a few months right before I faced my own threat of death situation. Which armed me through my season of facing death for pumbulary embolism. So though the verse (John 11:4 is literally scripture) but I was enlightened to it due to Mr. Gray's sermon. I provide a link to others who desire to be enlightened also by Mr. Grays delivery of the scripters and it teachings, especially those facing death, to provide hope and healing in their own trails and tribulations. It's not over! Pastor John Gray

" But now, after that ye have known God, or rather are known of God, how turn ye again to the weak and beggarly elements, whereunto ye desire again to be in bondage? "

Galatians 4:9


    And since I could not deny what the word said I decided to leave the hospital in December 2017 and deny the hospital treatment. I remember walking out the hospital after releasing the hospital from being held liable to me it was New Years 2018. I walked to a near by restaurant still homeless and seeing people rejoicing for the New Year but I was in that moment trusting in God I would be able to see the next day. 

I was forced to sign a wavier the hospital would not be held liable since they informed me I had 3-6 months to live and was denying their treatment. They gave me pills but I through them away. 

    Fast forward to the future almost 2 years later November 2020 I am still here! AMEN! And even better NO Pumbulary embolism! Halleluiah Lord Jesus Christ!

    I try my best that when I see or meet anyone facing death I speak over their flesh in the name of Lord Jesus Christ the verse that held me through, " That this sickness is not unto death but for the glory of God that the son of God may be glorified through it". (John 11:4).

    So through it ALL I DONOT curse my enemies that hand me to death I stick with the REAL Lord Jesus Christ that loves me so I am constantly forgiving all those that hurt me especially with spirit warfare and bless them all like the Lord orders! 

    The fallowing  was a journal entry I did with my phone while in the hospital in one of my admittance.

What do you do


Caron Gonzalez <>

Jul 22, 2017, 2:40 AM

What do you do when you are told you are about to die???


I take grip to the ship tighter thru the storm I am able to face

Knowing my God is a good God

And I know he has no pleasure in death

So I choose to believe the word

That this sickness is not unto death but for the glory of God that the son of God may be glorified through it.
-as it is written

And actually anticipate the events about to accrue since I know I already have an expected end from God [its because I knew in my heart I'm supposed to get Bruno back in my custody, and get married someday]

Besides if it led to what I was told by the hospital would definitely make my testimony of my journey way more impactful unto others

To stay faithful even unto death

Glory to Jesus Christ

I'm not moved not one bit, but wish things didn't have to prolong so much

I'm just tired of waiting for something to improve

But I have too just hold on a little bit longer

I'm almost there, wherever that is

And trust in God who ordered my steps that he will use the good the bad and the ugly for good

For it's written

All things work together for the good to those that love the Lord.

Glory to King Jesus Christ who is Lord over ALL


#prisoner of hope that God keeps his promises and he is a good God-Amen!

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Before and After pictures of my legs.

the swelling was a side effect of 'pumbulary embolism' and after admitting myself at Regional hospital in Mcallen, TX I received some treatment and the swelling did go down as seen in pictures.

January 15, 2018, this photo was at another hospital (Doctors Hospital at Renaissance, Edinburg Texas) admittance after I was already diagnosed 'pumbulary embolism', but still I was facing lots of physical harassments that season of 2017-2018 of my health due to spiritual warfare.